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If the 'last defense of the poor is law' then so too the last defense of a wasted discard is a robust recycling infrastructure.  RecycleLaw is here to educate about the laws and policies that favor recycling so that the playing field is leveled between the competing waste and recycling industries.
--John Douglas Moore

The goal of is to encourage you to learn about and even get involved with moving our communities toward Zero Waste.  Whether you live in California or beyond, finding use for all of our "waste" is a challenging, rewarding, and necessary step in protecting the global environment.


    Why?  Read "Waste Isn't Waste Until It's Wasted" by Dr. Daniel Knapp
              (reprinted with permission).

    How?  Fight Expansion and Siting of Landfills.
               Resist Flow Control and Monopolized Recycling.
               Use Innovative Programs to Capture Discards for Reuse and Recycling.
               Promote Businesses that Recycle. 

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